In memory of Carlo Sommer
aka Dr. Carlo

1 Aug 1909 - 1996

For more than a quarter century Carlo was one of the nation's foremost theater magicians and hypnotists.

Carlo , Dr. (1909-1996) was a professional magician and magic dealer (real name Carlo Sommer) who invented, and marketed, the rubber dove, Balls of Fire,What's On Yourt Mind, and the Carlo Glass Production.

He opened Carlo's Magic Shop on 436 Superior Street, Toledo, Ohio (first location). He appears to be one of the founders of MDA - Magic Dealer's Association. Among the many magicians who wored with, and for him, were Karrell Fox and Charles Reynolds.

In the February, 2005 issue of "Magicol" Charles Reynolds wrote "The Strange Saga of Dr. Carlo" a biogtraphy primaruly about his life in magic. The term "Doctor" probably goes back to the Dell O'Dell cover story on Carlo for the August, 1946 Genii. "In the late 1950s, Carlo's career took a decidedly bizarre turn."

He went into hypnosis (bringing some charges of practicing medicine without a license) and then religions. He founded the Institute of Hypnosis at 3136 Sylvania Avenue, Toledo 13, Ohio. And, in 1960 published a small booklet titled Hypnotize Yourself. Later he turned to promoting his Carlolites and his Campaign of Love ("Hello Loves") while often denying that he was ever a magician much less owned a magic shop!

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